Posted by: babybumper | September 5, 2010

Gimmie Some Skin: Beauty of immediate skin-to-skin contact

The Perfect Place

Just like during pregnancy, YOU are the perfect environment when your bun is finally done cooking in the oven. Babies love smelling, hearing, seeing, touching, and tasting their mom in the first moments of life. Mamas are designed to be the best place for a lil’ bambino right after birth. Moms are often surprised during skin-to-skin contact, “Is it ok that she is not crying?” I say, Look at how good and pink she is! She is breathing so well! She is fine. They also are shocked, “He is ready to eat already? He latched on so good!!” Imagine coming home after a long day at work to your favorite smells of dinner. I’m ready to chow down immediately! If given the chance, many babies will move toward the breast and latch on all by themselves; they know the smell of food. This process may take minutes or an hour or more, but when skin-to-skin, breastfeeding is instinctive in a newborn. Even first time moms notice quickly when their newborn babe shows signs he is ready to feed if they are skin-to-skin. Breastfeeding within the first hour or two of birth has shown to increase milk production for months to come! It is the signal to your body to kick up the milk production! Babies also latch on better when they are on mama’s skin, leading to a happier baby, and preventing almost all breastfeeding problems completely.

Mother’s Joy

My favorite part of putting a  baby on the mama’s skin immediately is seeing the obvious immediate euphoria of being a mother. The mamas who get to hold their new baby naked against their chest have such strong emotions of bonding, which I have never seen from receiving a baby in a burrito. There is a sensation, “This darling belongs to me!” “This baby came from me!” “My sweetie, I’ve waited for you for so long!” The transition from pregnant to full-blown mama is ecstatically received from bringing that innocent infant close to you. It brings tears to my eyes to hear the mamas coo lovingly as a little one stares deeply into their eyes. Priceless. It is proven that babies cry less, interact more, and breastfeed better when on their mother’s skin. Your sugar pie will love close, long hugs from his mama from the first moment of life on.

Divine Design

After giving birth, a woman’s temperature is higher on the front of her body than the back, giving extra heat to the newborn. I have never seen an infant get cold when cuddling skin-on-skin with his mama. When babies are placed naked on mama’s skin, they warm up quicker than if bundled or under a heater. If on your skin, your baby’s heart rate respiratory rate, blood sugar, and temperature will improve. A newborn’s oxygen level is highest when skin-to-skin. Your smell, sound, and heartbeat are soothing to your bambino. It is where they learn the important processes of breathing, temperature regulation, and eating the best. It is where a newborn is meant to be! The natural place for your new baby immediately after birth is on your skin.

In the first moments in this world, what does your baby want more than anything? You. To hear your heart beat. To smell your precise scent. To hear the voice that has been muffled for 9 months, now crystal clear. To feel your warmth. To drink your milk. To gaze into your eyes. Your baby comes out of your womb wanting you. Skin-to-Skin contact immediately after birth brings better health to your newborn and sends a message clearer than words:

Welcome Home, Baby!



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