Posted by: babybumper | September 9, 2010

Hunger Pains: Catching Hunger before Crying

Signs a Newborn is Hungry

Let’s look at a Lesson from YouTube.

This baby is apparently ravenous. What a jarring video! Moms do not want to wait until their baby is starved to feed their Lil Nibbler. When a baby is crying frantically, he does not eat as well. Crying is the last sign of hunger. Pediatrician and breastfeeding expert Dr. Sears says babies start hinting at an appetite up to 30 minutes before blubbering over the munchies. Catch hunger pains before your newborn is famished, and they will be better able to feast upon dinner!

Mouthing Off

When a baby’s fuel tank begins to get low, one hint of hunger is increased mouth movements.  Signs include: sticking his tongue out, sucking, making noises, putting his fist in his mouth, or opening his mouth wide. Here are some cute hungry little ones:

This Kiddie wants some Lip Smackin’ Good milk.

This Kissy Face hankers for Nursing Nourishment.

This Baby craves more than a Hand in her Mouth!

Behavior like this in your lil darling may be a sign of an empty stomach, or it may give evidence to teething, exploring, or playing. Mouthing off by itself may not be a reliable clue of craving; however, there are more hints. Your Nursling raises many red flags before the Big Blubber Breakdown. Tomorrow we will watch some cute babies warning of an impending stomach ache by Rooting… in the next YouTube Lesson.

Does your child show any special signs of hunger? Any particular sound she made before she got the munchies? How does he “mouth off” before he is ready to chow down? I would love to hear what flags you identify!



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