Posted by: babybumper | September 10, 2010

Cheeky Talk: Rooting shows Hunger

Advantage to Distinguishing Early Hunger Hints

  • Baby eats better, and more efficiently, and may swallow less air
  • Less crying, less evening fussiness
  • More peace, happier families
  • Easier to breastfeed discretely
  • Increased Mama-confidence

Newborns have multiple innate reflexes to assist with Breastfeeding. Rooting helps a little one find the breast. When a baby is stroked on the cheek or mouth, they will turn their face toward that touch, open their mouth, and prepare to suck. There are many child-stars on YouTube to demonstrate Rooting!

This video shows the rooting reflex well:

When a baby is hungry, the rooting reflex becomes hyperactive, and is easy to stimulate. They will begin to root to anything touching their cheek, searching for the breast.

This buttercup is on a quest to find the breast through her reflexes. She doesn’t even smell milk, but is searching for it nonetheless!

This kiddo is rooting even to her carseat. She is ready to chomp down.

How fascinating that newborns come out from the womb with everything they need to breastfeed. The rooting reflex helps a babe find the breast, and all babies are natural “Mothersuckers!” Catch your baby when their reflex is hyperactive, and you will know your child is chomping at the bit for a feast.

“Mommy’s milk is better than any udder milk!”



  1. I once got a huge hickey on my arm from a hungry baby! Those little suckers can be very strong! :~)

  2. “Mothersucker,” haha!

  3. […] grimacing. This time, you pick up the nursling before the crying begins. Your baby is mouthing, turning his head side to side. You unwrap your baby and put him to the breast, recognizing the early hunger […]

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