Posted by: babybumper | September 13, 2010

I Saw the Signs… of Newborn Hunger

I Saw the Sign (Gotta love Europop, haha!)

This lil feeder teaches a great YouTube Lesson: Bountiful Signs of Hunger.

  • Alert eyes
  • Excited movements of arms & legs
  • Turning head back and forth
  • Wide mouth
  • Hand rubbing face
  • Small Noises
  • Eating hand
  • Squirming
  • Clenching fists by face
  • But not yet crying!

One individual sign may not indicate hunger, but a few together give clear evidence.

Other Random things to Consider

  • Pacifiers & swaddling can both hide hunger cues; a sleeping baby is not always a satisfied baby.
  • Skin-to-skin highlights hunger cues.
  • If your breasts feel full, encourage your baby to nurse. Hanging out with your baby skin-to-skin gives plenty of access and stimulation to a baby for nursing.
  • After a few months some hunger signs disappear (like rooting), but you will know your baby well enough to know their usual signs.

Playing Charades

Communication with your munchkin is like a game of charades. Your babe can’t talk, but possesses many creative ways to converse. Crying is a loud demand for cuisine, but is not the first suggestion from your newborn. From birth babies are gifted with the tendency to breastfeed; these abilities are heightened when hungry. Moving the mouth, sucking, turning the head, hunting for the breast, and squirming all help a baby eat, and so are displayed by a hungry newborn. Up to 30 minutes before sobbing, a baby shows hunger through red flags: mouthy movements, cheeky talk, and alert animation.

Excelling at this charade game (guessing & reacting sooner than later) will lead to less crying at your house. It will encourage your baby to eat before ravenously hungry, while they can easily focus, and coordinate the suck-swallow process. Early recognition of hunger signs also makes breastfeeding more discrete. Babies are amazing people, and fun to get to know!

A baby is an inestimable blessing and bother.
— Mark Twain

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