Posted by: babybumper | September 16, 2010

Colostrum Milkshake teaches newborn how to Eat

When is the last time you slurped down a cold, thick, tasty milkshake. The kind of milkshake you can only find at a Mom & Pop Burger joint. The kind of milkshake that you need a super wide straw to even get the ice cream to the top. Getting a taste to your mouth requires much finesse. If you use too much strength the straw will collapse, and you will resort to using a spoon to taste the flavor. Slow and steady control is key in mastering the delicacy. Good, thick, tantalizing milkshakes cannot be inhaled, but require skill to sip.  Compared to grabbing a gallon of milk straight from the fridge and guzzling it in the kitchen, drinking a yummy shake requires more proficiency and skillfulness.

The first few days of baby’s life mama doesn’t offer a gallon of milk, but a delicious, thick milkshake. The benefit? If there were large amounts of milk immediately available the baby can be a sloppy and lazy drinker, just open up and inhale. With colostrum, however, the baby must have an excellent latch and the baby must work proficiently to drain the breast. The small amount of milk present helps breastfeeding kickoff properly.

Check out this video of a 10 hour old baby drinking colostrum like an expert:

Skin-to-skin contact has been proven to improve a baby’s latch and milk intake. Learn more about the immediate benefits,  longterm benefits, and actions to increase skin-to-skin.


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