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Special Forces Colostrum: natural vaccination

Breastfeeding 3 Days Provides Baby’s 1st and Most Important Vaccine

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” –Don Herold

Being Newly Born has its ups and downs. As a rookie, a fresh kid brings a newness to everything. Simple tasks suddenly seem complex, obvious dangers seem obscure. (I LOVE laughing babies!!)

A bambino’s inexperience brings many giggles to a family!! That same inexperience leaves the infant almost defenseless to disease.

Immunity is Closely Linked to Experience

Have you ever heard of someone getting the flu twice in one season? No, they get the flu once, and their body develops immunity to the virus. They cannot be infected again until next year, when the flu virus changes. Your ability to fight off disease is largely influenced by the organisms you have previously come in contact with. Another example: why can’t I drink the water in Mexico without getting sick, but a native drinks it every day without side effects? Their bodies have learned to adjust to the organisms in the water, and they do not become sick by it anymore.

A baby comes into the world with that fresh, sweet, newborn smell. A munchkin has not come in contact with ANY bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. They have ZERO experience fighting off infection. Thus, they have not developed any immunities and are dangerously vulnerable to infection. Colostrum, however, is full of Special Forces for the health of the helpless babe.

Strategy#3 Special Forces
Weakness: Babies have never encountered microorganisms before
Goal: Use mama’s experience to fight for baby

Let’s examine another example of immunity to show how colostrum operates:

There are 2 ways to prevent getting the chicken pox.

  1. Get the chicken pox
  2. Get the chicken pox vaccine.

Normally, immunity to chicken pox is earned through experience. Once you encounter this virus one time, your body figures out how to protect itself from getting the disease again. However, the chicken pox vaccine gives you immunity without the itchy episode. Colostrum is the only 100% safe, painless, most important vaccine. The Lord created this brilliant way for the mother’s immunity to be transferred to her newborn baby.

Colostrum is uniquely formulated from each individual mother. When a mother collides with a disease-causing agent through eating or breathing, she creates protection against that organism and can give that safeguard to her baby. This “vaccine” is developed to prevent infection from things in the baby’s environment. Colostrum is full of only the antibodies that the baby actually needs.

Because a baby is an amateur at confronting infection, mom develops Special Forces designed to aid against the actual opponents in the neighborhood. Colostrum is packed full of antibodies trained at spotting and defeating disease causing agents close at hand.

Colostrum is amazing!  It is no wonder that babies who are artificially fed have 50-95% more infections than breastfed babies! Colostrum is uniquely designed to boost a newborn’s immune system when and where they are most vulnerable. A baby needs breastmilk, especially for the first few days of life. Without breastmilk, a baby is dangerously vulnerable to all kinds of infection. Even if continuation of breastfeeding is impossible, giving a child the gift of colostrum is momentous to their health.

Check out other ways colostrum boosts immunity here and here.

Special thanks to those who let me post pictures of their little darlings! Would you like to share a pic? Leave a comment below!



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