Posted by: babybumper | September 29, 2010

Dainty Pregnancy

The most feminine a woman can be is pregnant.

My mom has seen a pregnancy-culture shift. 25 years ago maternity clothes were designed to fit over a growing belly. Most were loose, floppy, and hanging with not much design. 25 years ago Maternity Pictures were unheard of. Women did not want pictures of themselves after they gained 15-40 pounds! Pregnancy was not seen as alluring and glamorous.

Today maternity clothes are designed to accentuate a growing belly. Most favor, or accent the tummy. Currently, Maternity Photo Shoots are popular. There is a greater emphasis on the enchanting beauty of pregnancy.

Sometimes I hear expecting women call themselves “fat” when gaining weight in pregnancy. A woman “great with child” does naturally gain fat, storing up fuel with which to breastfeed her baby, but more importantly a pregnant woman develops a complete life-support system for a new soul.

During Pregnancy there are a few amazing changes:

  1. Heart grows and works harder
  2. Blood volume increases by 50%
  3. Each heart beat pumps 40% more blood
  4. Blood contains 20% extra red blood cells, which transport oxygen
  5. Each Breath moves more air
  6. Breasts begin to produce milk
  7. Digestion slows as to absorb more nutrients to pass to baby
  8. Bones soften so baby can fit through the pelvis

It may be obvious, but I am glad to see our culture understand that Pregnancy is Ladylike! No man can support a baby growing from 1 cell to independence. May our society continue to honor the femininity of pregnancy, as this role should be celebrated.

What about you? Do you hear people delighting over dainty pregnancy, or sneering over weight gain and the burdens of expecting? Have you noticed any changes in the way our culture views pregnancy and pregnant women? Any thoughts on how or why this shift has taken place? Do you have friends that need to contemplate the femininity of being great with child? Any great maternity pics? Do share!

A New Beginning at the End of the Day by Munroe Photography


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