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Toast your Bun in the Oven: Elective Induction Dangerous for Babies

Artisan Bread by Maggie Hoffman

What goes on with the little one during the last few weeks of pregnancy?

A bambino is about to take a Leap into the World of Independence. No longer will mom send over oxygen and nutrients, no longer will that munchkin be tucked in a womb of warmth. This Birthday Party has taken months of preparation by a team. As any major event, the last few weeks are crucial to pulling off a Happy Birth Day without a hitch.

Arrangements to be made

Breathe easy
Lungs mature, preparing to breath alone

Fatten up
Adds extra fat-pockets to help him keep warm outside “the oven”

Brain power
5-fold increase in volume of white matter in the brain from 35->41 weeks.
Able to stay alert and awake enough to finish a meal, and to develop more brain power!

Sense Ability
If these are weeks are completed, the baby is less likely to have vision and hearing problems.

This Sucks
Better suck-swallow reflex, so he can pull nutrients from the breast

Preparing Position
Baby moves down into the pelvis, and gets the best position possible to come out and play.

Bread by Adactio

How do you know if your Little Bun is toasted?

Labor beginning independently is the only good indicator that your baby has cooked long enough. The way and reason labor begins is not well understood. Theories state that the baby has an important role in initiating labor. What all agree upon:

  • The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • The American College of Nurse Midwives
  • Practically all textbooks
  • The bulk of research

Labor should begin on its own in healthy pregnancies.

Starting labor artificially causes numerous risks for children. Essentially it cuts off weeks of preparation for independent life away from mom. Growing a healthy newborn really does take 40 weeks! The baby needs that time to fine-tune his survival skills.

Hot cross buns by Dichohecho

Risks of Induction:

  1. Prematurity
  2. Trouble breathing
  3. Hardship breastfeeding
  4. Difficulty staying warm
  5. Jaundice (may cause brain damage)
  6. Abnormal heart rate during labor
  7. Poor position of baby for delivery
  8. Shoulder getting stuck during delivery
  9. Admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  10. Pulled out by forceps of vacuum
  11. Cesarean Surgery

90% of women will have the Happiest, Healthiest Birth Day by letting labor begin naturally. However, labor may be induced if it is more risky for your babe to remain inside your body than to be born. These are the 5 reasons to induce:

  1. You have been pregnant more than 42 weeks (NOT 40 weeks, but 42 weeks)
  2. You have high blood pressure caused by pregnancy
  3. You have health problems that could danger your baby- like diabetes
  4. You have a infection in the uterus
  5. Your baby is growing too slowly, and would grow better outside the womb

Worth the Wait

Inducing Labor for discomforts of pregnancy, scheduling, impatience, or doctor, hospital, and mother convenience,will put a Little One under unnecessary risk. Having the Happiest, Healthiest Birth Day is worth the wait. Give your Growing Bun plenty of time to Toast in the Oven.

Cute Bun in the Oven by Chippenziedeutch

Please leave questions and comments below! There is more about induction to come, and I would love to address your thoughts!



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  2. Very true statement! So many woman want to have their baby on their terms, regardless of whether their little one is ready. Patience is a virtue! The outcome is so much better to let things happen naturally.

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