Posted by: babybumper | October 13, 2010

The Outdoor Womb

Envision the baby’s first home.

Baby spends his days swimming in warm water, sloshing around back and forth to the rhythm of mom’s steps. He hears a soothing sound similar to an ocean. He is bundled, squished, and constantly being rocked. He has unlimited food, and every need is cared for automatically. He hears the peaceful beat of a heart, and familiar voices of family. The womb is the perfect environment for growing a healthy baby. Each system is created from scratch in this specified place for growing a baby.

As my friend wrote in wonderment:

“It occurred to me yesterday, after I received news of a friends’ baby being born at 25 weeks, that with all our medical advancements and knowledge, we are still not able to recreate the womb for a baby. The best we can do is create an earthly environment for a premie. Only God has that ability. Another reason I am so glad to have a perfect creator!”

A healthy womb environment is crucial to a baby’s growth.

One day there comes a colossal shock, and this little world evicts this little one. His new world is different, and the newborn must quickly adapt in order to survive. Baby humans are born brutally immature. Not one can survive alone. This contrasts with the animal species. Think of it: A colt runs on his 1st day of life! Just as a healthy womb environment is crucial to the growth and development of a healthy fetus, the “Outdoor Womb,” is just as vital to growing the healthiest child.

Dr. Sears insists,

“The womb lasts eighteen months: Nine months inside mother, and nine months outside.”

The 9 Months Outside by Sdminor81

Babywearing closely replicates the womb environment ways that are essential for the baby’s growth, development and happiness. When a baby is worn, he feels closeness. He is constantly moved, to the rhythm of steps, breaths, and sways. He hears the soothing sound of a beating heart. He is bundled and warm. The likeness of wearing a baby to “womb-ing” a baby generates the ideal setting for infant-system stabilization. All of the infant’s systems work more competently when close to another human. No “baby” is an island entire of itself!

No Baby is an Island by Mrs. Flinger

Babywearing provides a fundamental element in the growth of a child where the womb falls short. Neurological stimulation. The purpose of the eviction from Indoor to Outdoor Womb is to inspire brain advancement. What can a baby learn from being worn? How to be human! Think of the assortment of things a baby worn sees, hears, and feels! Being carried also entices babies into a quiet alert state, which is the best state for learning.

As my best friend, an Early Childhood Development Specialist, asserts,

“Education starts from day One.”

Change your image of a newborn’s proper place. Restrained to a crib, most of their time is spent on a flat, still, quiet surface, with occasion moments of being picked up after fussing for feeding or diaper changes, to be laid back down. No! Baby needs a moving, exciting, interesting environment close to a caregiver, with occasional times spent lying still. They will be better able to regulate important body systems with the similarities to the Indoor Womb, but will nevertheless develop essential intelligence in the Outdoor Womb.

So what is your favorite babycarrier? Have you seen firsthand the benefits of babywearing? Any tips and tricks? More on this topic tomorrow!

Intelligence in the Outdoor Womb by Drewzuckerman

Dr. Sears has some great information about benefits of babywearing on his website. Here is an indepth look at the concept of the Outdoor Womb, coined Exterogestation, fascinating for serious readers!


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