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Placenta Pond: Providing nutrients in Pregnancy

In some ways, the placenta works like fishing in a stocked pond. The mom provides the pond. This bay of blood brims full of everything essential for the baby’s growth, development, and survival. The baby gathers necessary elements from this supply, as this story illustrates…

By oneillci

Early in the morning mist, a Lazy Fisherman paddles through this peaceful bay, nicknamed “Placenta Pond”. This is the Lazy Fisherman’s favorite fishing pond. Because the water richly splashes with the vitality of organisms, he knows he will pack his boat full almost every time he visits. This is fortunate, for he is employed by an industrious boss, called Baby. Each trip, Boss Baby gives the Lazy Fisherman a “Need List” of fish he wants for that day. Today’s fish: Oxygen, Glucose, and Proteins are all to be reeled in. So the Lazy Fisherman performs his craft, filling up his boat with the items on the list, and then travels back to Boss Baby.

By Chrissy Olson

In the placenta, mom provides little ponds of blood accessible to the baby, called “intervillous spaces.” These are full of nutrients and oxygen, supplying the baby with the variety of things necessary for growth, development, and survival. The baby takes what he needs, and leaves the rest for the mother.

The fetus is an efficient and demanding parasite. -Williams Obstetrics

Plethora by ezioman

Certain elements the baby actively baits and others he throws a net and just gets whatever is in the pond. Mom’s choices can impact what is available to her baby. Instead of “eating for 2,” endeavor to stock a tiny pond full of an assortment of healthy elements your baby can choose from. Focus on whole foods that don’t need a nutrition label. Consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein, and ensuring a good level of Vitamins and Minerals guarantees the baby can reel in critical daily nutrients and grow up to be a Little Fisherman.

by NCBrian

More of the story to come…



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