Posted by: babybumper | November 16, 2010

Placenta Pollution: What can the Placenta filter?

Crystal Clear By lrargerich

Part 2 of the The Lazy Fisherman story…

This morning the Lazy Fisherman had a good haul from the Placenta Pond. As the Lazy Fisherman hooks a variety of fish from the Need List, he deliberately examines each fish for pollutants and disease. His trained eye recognizes Fish affected by Bacteria, preventing the Baby Boss from consuming them. The pond’s filtration system aids in offering only the finest, cleanest produce.  Unbeknownst to all, however, today sneaky pollution had seeped into the the water, and some of the Fish were affected. Fish affected by the pollutants of Alcohol, Pain medicine, and Cigarette smoke are not easily recognized, and so may be inadvertently fed to Baby Boss.

Polluted Pond By Seattle Municipal Archives

Although the Placenta Barrier is amazing, and can protect the baby from Bacteria and some viruses, teeny-tiny particles can slip through. The Placenta is unable to filter toxiplasmosis, a parasite in cat litter, viruses like rubella and herpes, and drugs or chemicals. Certain levels of alcohol has been shown to have disastrous effects on a child’s wellbeing. Pain medicine administered in the Epidural space and through an IV are quickly present in the baby’s blood stream. Cigarette smoke vastly changes the development of a child. Even just visualizing the placenta of a smoking mother reveals a weaker, thinner placenta, and so grows a weaker, lower-birth weight child. Mom must dodge what slips through the placenta barrier. Avoiding these things ensures a crystal clear, clean Placenta Pond for your baby to farm.

Clean Beach By mynameisharsha

Baby Boss praised the Lazy Fisherman for his harvest. He sent him back to the pond, but not empty handed. Cleverly, Baby filled up the boat first with waste. The pond has a high-efficiency filtering system, a perfect place to dump Carbon Dioxide, Extra Heat, and Old Rundown Cells! So the Lazy Fisherman heads back to the Placenta Pond, to discard garbage, and bait the next round of fish on from the Need List.

Shrewdly, the baby trades wastes for nutrients via the placenta. This transfer keeps a light load on his kidneys and liver — organs that are still immature. During pregnancy, you pee for 2! As the baby is warmly encased in the womb, if ever he get too warm, he will send it your way via the placenta, thus giving you a Hot Flash! Not only do you provide a pool brimming with vitality, you also receive your child’s wastes, and use your own kidneys and liver to filter and detoxify.

Via the placenta, mom acts as Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, and Intestines for her unborn child. All without one thought! The Precision of this Placenta Pond designed to grow a human from 2 cells, independent of human meddling, astounds me!

Pequeno Pescador By Rodolfo Nunez

There are 3 mechanisms fighting for a Crystal Clear Placenta Pond:

  1. Mom ducks away from things she knows may pollute the placenta.
  2. The baby dumps wastes into the placenta, and the mom uses her mature organs to detoxify and cleanse these wastes.
  3. The Placenta acts as a barricade to bacteria and some viruses.

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