Posted by: babybumper | January 4, 2011

Mom & Baby Separated, Preventable Causes

A sad story, overheard at work.

By Nico

A mother gave birth to a beautiful little girl, 5# 7oz. After birth, because she was so small, the little girl had difficulty keeping warm, although they kept her bundled in warm blankets. One hour after birth, a nurse checked the little girl’s blood sugar, as babies this small sometimes have trouble keeping their blood sugar regulated. It was too low.

The baby girl was taken away from her mother to go to a Special Nursery. The nurse explained the baby will need some Formula to help her blood sugar get back up. The mother said, “But I am breastfeeding. No one said anything about feeding her.” By this time it was too late. The baby was taken away to be given formula. And the parents were rightfully upset.

This story made me mad and sad. It probably could have been prevented. If the baby had been held skin-to-skin with mom, she would have an easier time staying warm. By sharing in her mother’s warmth, the little girl would conserve her own energy, thus keeping her blood sugar up. She also probably would have been ready to breastfeed, giving her blood sugar a boost, and energy to stay warm.

Although this little girl probably will grow healthy and strong, receiving formula from a bottle so early can be devastating to breastfeeding. The family also went through unnecessary stress, and their only 1 hour old little girl was taken away during a precious bonding time.

Carefully plan your time after birth!


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