Posted by: babybumper | March 8, 2011

Water Cushions: Protecting the Unborn Baby

Chicken Fight by Green.thumbs

Chicken fighting was intense. Our favorite arena was the ocean, where the waves and sand provided additional challenge. My brother formed “The Bottom Base,” while I composed “The Apex Attack” on his shoulders. We met every challenging duo with reckless bravery. The goal: remain as a unit as you destroy the combo you face. Tear them apart. Make them separate. I still remember the feat of my brother. We would begin to loose it. My balance would shift as I precariously began to fall off his shoulders into the waves. As we toppled into the water, my brother would go under, manage to get his balance under me, stand up, and re-enter the match! Ahh, good memories!!

Chicken fighting was fun! We never chicken fought on land, however, this activity was specifically designated to water. Why? Somethings are fun to do in water, that are dumb to do on land. Water cushions. Water creates a low-impact environment. It is hard to get hurt in water (if only we could avoid those blasted jelly fish). Water is also the preferred setting for cannonballs. 🙂

In the womb, the baby is happy, swimming in a tough balloon of water. This water balloon provides a low impact environment, where it is difficult for the weebit to be hurt by collisions, jerks, shakes, or smashes. The mom can fall down a flight of stairs, be black and blue, and the child will be unaffected. (Someone should invent cars that provide the safety of water for impact reduction!) Outside force is absorbed in the water, and cannot do harm to the baby.

During labor contractions tightly squeeze the little one. This squeeze prepares the bambino to live outside the womb. The water, again, cushions the smash of the contraction. When the water balloon is busted, the cord, which transfers oxygen and nutrients to the baby, often times gets compressed. The cord may get between the child’s bones and the rock hard uterus. When the cord is squeezed, blood cannot flow from mama to baby, and vice versa. This causes a drop in the baby’s heart rate. Although usually tots recover from this easily, and are born healthy, I have seen women have C-sections because of these drops in the baby’s heart rate.

When in a water balloon pool, the baby and the cord are not as affected by contractions. The water protects the little one from impact, and guards the cord from being compressed by contractions. Thus, the water promotes the best blood flow possible for the little tyke. The water assists in protecting the baby and cord, so let your baby keep swimming, and don’t drain the pool prematurely.



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