Posted by: babybumper | March 17, 2011

Water Hazmat Suit: Preventing Infection

Marvelously, a baby is knit together in the womb within a protective garment, the water balloon, aka, a Hazmat suit. Just as a Hazmat suit provides an air tight barrier against toxins and contaminants, the Water Balloon contributes the primary mode of protection against infection. Dirt and grime can cover the outside of the suit, while purity remains inside.


When a worker enters a dangerous situation, where hazardous materials are present, his health and life depend on the integrity of the Hazmat suit. Although not many women birth babies around such toxins (I hope!), defense against disease is essential in every childbirth. Infection is no laughing matter. For the mom the results are minor: antibiotic therapy. For the baby, however, the results can be dire. Infection is linked to cerebral palsy, hypotension, need for resuscitation at delivery, low Apgar scores, and neonatal seizures. The risk for infection increases with the time the water has been broken.


It is no wonder that in the hospital, where cervical checks are routinely done every 1-2 hours, they put a time limit on how long a woman can labor with her water broken. Typically if a woman has not delivered within 24 hours, a doctor will perform a C-section. Some doctors don’t even allow that amount of time. I have seen multiple Cesarean surgeries performed because the mom showed signs of infection, like a fever. Infection can be dire and prevention should be taken seriously.

Keeping that that Hazmat suit whole, or not letting a healthcare provider break your water, can help guard your sterile, clean baby from bacteria and toxins during labor. Breaking the water is like making a hole in the Hazmat suit. That hole doesn’t do much damage if nothing reaches in and touches the baby or uterus. However, each cervical exam, bacteria that normally lives in the lower vagina is carried up into the uterus. If labor takes a while, and that bacteria is given time to grow, an infection will result. The Water Hazmat suit your baby grew in shields him from Hazardous Material in the natural environment.

The design is Marvelous. In meditating on the function of the Water Balloon, I am stumped to find everyday metaphors. We have not yet invented something so innovative and flawless as the design of how the Lord protects children growing in the womb. Truly every child is fearfully and wonderfully made.

The take away:
1. Defend the water balloon, as it guards your baby from infection!
2. After the water breaks, limit cervical checks!



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