Posted by: babybumper | March 22, 2011

Water Balloon: Comfort during Labor

Who could get away with this?? Love it!

Just as a (REAL) water bed is more comfortable than sleeping on a boulder, laboring with a water balloon is more comfortable than around a hard skull.

As labor advances, part of the water balloon gets trapped below the babies head. That means the head is not pushing on the cervix, a water balloon is. As you can imagine, the balloon provides a gentler pressure than a skull. There is a major difference in going through labor with the water intact and the water broken. This difference is easily observed in laboring women. Having your water balloon popped will cause a more painful labor, the water balloon provides a cushion to labor around.

If a woman is going to avoid pain medicine, the water balloon is one of her greatest aids. I have seen many women get close to fully dilated unmedicated, and decide she wants her water broken, thinking it may speed things up. So the doctor comes and breaks her water, and she still has a few hours, now in the most intense part of labor, without a cushion. The water balloon is designed to cushion while being flexible enough to fit through small spaces! It is a help, not a hindrance to labor. So don’t let anyone burst your bubble!



  1. […] Although I am sure she was ready to have a baby, she did not want any intervention, so she went home! Smart woman! She can go home, sleep in her own bed, eat her own food, relax in her own tub! In 10% of labor the water breaks before contractions start. That’s cool, it is a natural process. For the other 90% Rushing Water has no proven benefit. However, keeping the water intact supports good blood flow to the baby by providing a cushion, prevents infection by maintaining a barrier, and comforts the mother by allowing her to labor around a water balloon. […]

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