Posted by: babybumper | May 25, 2011

Hands on pumping doubles milk production

I stumbled on a great discovery while researching breastfeeding premature babies. I was shocked to read that hands-on pumping from day 1 can double a woman’s milk supply!

This 10 minute video by Jane Morton, MD from Stanford Medicine describes the research results and describes the “how to.”

In summary:

  1. Massage first, as if doing a self-breast exam.
  2. Double pump (with a good, electric pump).
  3. When the milk spray has nearly stopped take off shields and massage breasts again. Find areas of hardness and massage out.
  4. Then use hand expression or single pump while massaging, alternating right and left side. Pay particular attention to outside of breast. Watch for sprays, and learn what works the best for you.

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