Posted by: babybumper | October 14, 2010

Carried Away with Happiness

My parents had an old, rickety, faded blue baby carrier used for 5 kids. I remember taking it on hikes, I guess for my little brother or sister. Happy memories!! My mom said some were opposed to the baby carrier.

“Don’t you put that baby in a carrier!! Then he will always want to be held!!”

Who wouldn’t want to see more of this:

Happy Baby by Jandeth

Babies do love to be held! Babies are happier all day when carried much of the day. Back in 1986 researchers divided moms & newborns into 2 groups. Half of the moms were given baby carries and asked to carry their baby for 3 extra hours a day, whether they were upset or not. This group had 43% less crying then the other!! In cultures were babywearing is the norm, babies cry less.

How do you calm a fussy baby?
Step 1: Pick the baby up.

How do you keep a calm baby from fussing?
Keep the baby up.

Keep the Baby Up by Nick Kulas

Parents from all cultures would agree that carrying a fussy child will help to bring tranquility. Carrying a little one can also prevent fussiness from even occurring!! I have 2 theories on why this peaceful phenomenon occurs.

  1. Babywearing can prevent evening fussiness by providing a soothing and stimulating environment in combination. Overstimulation is prevented through the soothing closeness, rocking, and warmth. Boredom is impossible, as babywearing brings the child into the adult world, full of interesting objects to look at and sounds to listen to. Evening fussiness is related to overstimulation throughout the day.
  2. Carried kids are quickly attended to. If a child is hungry, wet, or has another need, it is more obvious to the person carrying than if they are at a distance. The proximity of the baby eases communication so crying is unnecessary. Early cues are easily recognized, and if ignored, the loud crying is intolerable, and quickly addressed! Crying babies are difficult to ignore when being worn! Meeting a bambino’s needs sooner leads to better bonding, and happier families all day. A baby who is carried much of the day will be happier all of the day!

Benefits for baby:

  • Increases the baby’s calm alertness, which is the state most conducive to learning
  • Decreases baby’s fussiness, colic, and gastrointestinal problems

Benefits for Carrier & Baby

  • Increases flow of oxytocin and other feel good hormones
  • Decreases stress hormones
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Develops healthy, secure attachment


  1. beautiful! 🙂 I wore my son all the time, since he was high needs, and now he is a very independent 2 year old. I think they need that time to be dependent… then when they’re ready, they can be independent. 🙂

  2. I’m a firm believer in carrying/wearing babies. And I’ve seen more than once that if you give babies the security they need, like Natalie said, “when they’re ready, they can be independent”. Some won’t understand, but the baby isn’t theirs either! :~D

  3. You hear a lot that if you carry a baby they will always want to be held. It’s simply not true. Some day they learn to walk and will enjoy it! Of course they like being held because it feels right! Refusing to hold them is like saying to an adult: don’t take this great relaxation bath with candles because you will always want one in the future.

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